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FAQ'S: Here's the answers to the Juice Box Questions:

Q: How far will the Juice Box spray? A: Using the adjustable Conejet Nozzle, it can reach 20+' high. Extension wands will increase its reach even more. And, with our flat fan nozzle, the Juice Box can be used like a low pressure airless paint sprayer.
Q: How long of a spray hose will the Juice Box support? A: Though most units are sold with 50' of hose, we have placed Juice Boxes with over 300'. However, we find that 200' is a more functional length. Note also that you can use up to 300' of extension cord on the 100V models as they draw less than 2 amps.
Q: How much service does the Juice Box require? A: Very little. There's nothing to grease and no oil reservoir to fill. Short of adjusting the pressure switch or repairing the valves or the pump diaphragm (a rare necessity), flushing with soapy water or mineral spirits does the trick.
Q: Are any special tools needed to service the Juice Box? A: A screwdriver, pliers, and an allen wrench will fill the bill. It's that easy. Replacement parts, should they be needed, are quite affordable.
Q: Are there any special parts needs? A: None! All components are readily available from other national sources.
Q: What does bleach do to the pump? A: Nothing? The pump is a triple diaphragm, self-priming unit with Viton an Santoprene components. The total system, short of the stainless steel Nozzle screen, is virtually corrosion proof. However, it will not handle strong solvents such as lacquer thinner.
Q: Why haven't I had people asking for a Juice Box? A: Complaints about pump-up sprayers and chemical injectors were requests for something better. The Juice Box is simply that something better.
Q: You say it's better to use the Juice Box than a Pressure Washer chemical injector. Why? A: The Juice Box allows better control over whatever you spray because you are only applying your concentrated pre-mixed solution. Pressure Washer chemical injectors over-dilute solutions to an unknown ratio and then over-apply the mixture, flooding the area and often creating problems.
Q: What other uses for the Juice Box did you mention? A: They're great for applying cleaners and mildew killers. But they are also as good or better for use with water or mineral based sealers and the like. We have flat fan spray Nozzles just for that use.
Q: Who would use a Juice Box? A: Anyone doing painting or cleaning. Especially users of those troublesome hand pumped sprayers. We expect in a few years that every painter and rental store will have Juice Boxes in stock.


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